Students Earn 2nd Place in Stock Market Game!

As part of Ms. Kristen Malik’s Entrepreneurship and Investments class, students participate in the New York Newsday Stock Market Game.  For this most recent quarter (from October 13 – December 18), over 1,500 teams competed. As part of the competition, students were given $100,000 to invest in companies of their own choosing. Throughout the game, students researched various companies and used their money to buy and sell stocks as if it were the actual stock market. 

The second session came to an end just before the December recess, and the students had great results! One of the teams came in 2nd place in the High School Division! The members of the team were Ben Barnett, Max Barres, Ryan Goldberg, and Lewis Grama. Congratulations to the team and thanks to Ms. Malik fore her support!

[Thanks to Ms. Malik for the photo and write-up.]

Lewis, Max, Ben and Ryan are please with the results!

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