Vintage Magazine Earns First Place Honors!

Last week, Mr. Rick Leidenfrost-Wilson, our faculty advisor for Vintage, Wheatley’s literary magazine, received notification that the magazine had be awarded First Place with Special Merit Recognition by the American Scholastic Press Association. This national recognition highlights the magazine’s

superior efforts of talented and creative editors, writers, artists, photographers, layout/graphics designers, staff members and advisor.

We are proud of Vintage, and are particular pleased with the recognition of the group effort involved in creating such a magazine. Frequent visitors to this blog know that we celebrate the release of Vintage with a celebration knows as the Vintage Coffeehouse.

In addition to the group award, the American Scholastic Press Association recognized Nancy Zhang (Class of 2015) for her short story, “Bleached,” and Jordan Shaked (Class of 2016) for his photography.

Congratulations to editor Sienna Brancato, Advisor Rick Leidenfrost-Wilson and all of the student editors and contributors for this wonderful recognition!

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