Pedro Lamarre Honored by Nassau County Soccer Coaches!

Earlier this month, Senior Pedro Lamarre was honored by the Nassau County Soccer Coaches Association as an All State representative for the second consecutive year.  Very few athletes receive this award, let alone receive it twice in their high school career.

Pedro was also awarded the Mike Dillon Memorial Scholarship by the coaches’ association.  This recognition is given to a graduating senior who has played 2 years of varsity soccer, possesses an academic average of 80% or higher and is an outstanding citizen.

In accepting this award, Pedro shared the following words:

As a child my mother was absent in my life, I only had the presence of my father in my life.  My father was my role model, and my best friend.  My father gave me my first soccer ball at the age of four; he taught me how to play and also introduced the hardworking mindset to me through soccer.  One evening I was watching TV and my father’s best friend told me, “Pedro I’m really sorry, your father was murdered and died today in the hospital.” 

My father died when I was 12 and his last words to me were, “son keep making your father proud.  I love you, I will see you soon.”  A part of me died when I lost my father, but I did not lose hope.  I realized I had to develop strengths instead of developing weaknesses.  I had to gather myself and break through my depression; it was hard but I did it.  Everything around me was changing rapidly, but I still had to turn something negative into positive. 

What my father wanted for me in life is what I strive for now: I stay out of trouble, I don’t drink or smoke, I work hard in school, I don’t take life for granted anymore, and I obey my aunt and uncle.  My father’s death has motivated me to strive for greatness.  His death helped me become the hardworking and zealous person I am today.  Soccer became my therapy, and now I play soccer to keep my father and his legacy alive.  I write “R.I.P. Dad,” on my soccer cleats, and when I play I give it my all, because I’m playing for him, and after every goal I score, I hit my chest three times, while looking at the sky and send a salute in his honor.


Thanks to Coach Steve Cadet for sharing the photo and description.

Pedro and Jake IMG_0555.JPG
Jake Barroca and Pedro Lamarre

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