David Rosenzweig Recognized with International Photo Award!

Recently, David Rosenzweig (Class of 2016) returned from an all-expenses paid trip to Mexico City in order to receive his award for first place in a National Geographic sponsored international conservation photography contest. 

The focus of the entries were on wildlife conservation. Although based in Mexico City (where the awards ceremony was located), the competition truly has a world-wide reach. In total, there were about 30,000 individual photographs entered into the competition. You can learn more about the contest through this link.

David was awarded 1st place in the 14-17 youth category. As part of this award, he earned this free trip to Mexico, where he was able to meet some of the most famous photographers in the world!

The image that earned David his accolades was of a rhino getting deformed as part of the relocation process. (The horn is cut in order to prevent damage to the rhino during relocation; it grows back!) David took this photo while in Africa in February. The image is titled “Changing Nature.”


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