Wheatley’s New School Store Debuts!

For five years, Wheatley has had a “School Store” in order to sell school-branded products such as clothing, pens and the like. In reality, the school store was simply a few tables set up every other week in our main lobby. What has always made the store special, however, is that it is managed through our Life Skills program. These students help design the products being sold through the store, and they need to manage the inventory, pay the bills and take care of all of the details associated with this enterprise.

Last spring, I gave a tour to a handful of members of the Class of 1965 who were busy planning their 50th reunion. During the tour, I showcased the Life Skills program. The members were so impressed with the program that they decided to turn their reunion into an opportunity to “give back” to the school. After some discussion, we agreed that the program would really benefit from the purchase of a mobile kiosk for the school store. Members of the Class of 1965 responded with incredible support, and we were able to purchase the new kiosk.

Although the kiosk did not arrive in time for the 50th Reunion of the Class of 1965, it made its debut this past Friday, with the assistance of some of our orchestra players!

(Thanks to Barbara Klein for the second video!)

This video doesn’t exist

This video doesn’t exist

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