Students Create “Macetas de Calavera” in Spanish Class

Last week, students in Mrs. Jacobson’s P1 Spanish Conversation class finished their “Macetas de Calavera,” which are Skull Planters. As part of this project, students chose a family friend or famous person who is deceased. In Spanish, the students wrote a biography about their chosen individual. When it came time to decorate their skull pots, students were required to include at least one item that represented their selected individual.

Some of Mrs. Jacobson’s students shared their handiwork with the Main Office. A big “Thank You” to Ashley Pannullo (who selected Walt Disney), Jolie Katz (who selected Whitney Houston), Lexi Schwartz (who selected Michael Jackson) and Sammy Mason (who selected Joan Rivers).

2015-10-16 09.38.51
Jolie Katz, Ashley Pannullo, Sammy Mason and Lexi Schwartz shared their Macetas de calavera with the Main Office!

2015-10-16 09.39.14

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