Class of 1965 Celebrates its 50th Reunion by Giving and Sharing!

This past weekend, approximately 50 members of the Wheatley Class of 1965 gathered together for their 50th Class Reunion. Although their evening dinner was held at a local country club, a highlight of the weekend was time spent at Wheatley on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Over the course of several hours, these wonderful Wheatley alumni had a chance to reconnect with each other and their high school. As part of their Saturday gathering, I had the privilege of leading members on a tour of the school — something that brought back a flood of memories for members of the class.

As part of their reunion, members of the Class of 1965 decided to give back to Wheatley by raising funds to purchase items in need. One of the first items purchased through this fundraising is a Mobile Kiosk for our School Store! The kiosk will be delivered shortly to our school, and I will be sure to share the new setup!

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