Farewell to the Peruvians!

Yesterday, the Peruvian exchange students who were visiting Wheatley and New York departed the school for their return trip to LIma.

It was a very busy week for them, as they spent time in lower Manhattan, they crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and they rode the Staten Island Ferry. They also had time to visited Midtown Manhattan, Central Park, Times Square and the Empire State Building with their new families and friends. The students spent time at Wheatley, too, attending classes on Tuesday and participating in our Day of Service and Learning on Thursday. The students concluded their stay with an all-day trip to Six Flags followed by a farewell brunch at the Jain residence.

In addition to being interviewed by our students in all three schools, the Peruvian students have shared their country’s foods, traditions, music and dance with our students. It has been a wonderful experience for all!

We are grateful to the following families who have opened their homes to our guests:  the Crimmins, the Feils, the Jins, the Abdelwahabs, the Avilas, the Singhs, the Jains, the O’Briens, the Hastings, the Pavloviches, the Goldens, the Papaveros, the Rosens, the Reddys, the Lees, the Kasparians, the Greenfields, the Hahamis, the Ostads, the Barrocas, the Silvermans, the Wus and the Ingardias.  Faculty members hosting the teachers include: Joan Anderson, Rebecca Castilla and Isabel Simoes.  Special thanks to Isabel Simoes and Angel Rivero for coordinating this wonderful experience.

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