Summer Work at Wheatley!

For many students and faculty, summer is a time where everything slows down a bit from the hectic pace of the school year. There is more free time, fewer deadlines and greater liberty to do what one chooses.

In a school, however, the summer months are a flurry of activity. In addition to the regular cleaning of every classroom and office space, the custodial and maintenance crew also work with and around a host of major projects. At Wheatley, some of the exceptional projects completed during these summer months include:

  • A retiling of the 100-corridor, along with touchups of the doors and door-jambs
  • A retiling of the cafeteria, along with painting touchups of the walls
  • Refurbished south parking lot
  • New wainscoting along the 400-corridor
  • Resurfacing of the gymnasium floor
  • New speaker system in the gymnasium
  • New ventilation in the coaches’ offices
  • Newly painted classrooms

Of course, so many other projects were completed throughout the summer…these are simply the more significant ones at Wheatley. You can see some of the work below:

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