Aly Brier-Finkelstein Recognized with a Creative Empowerment Grant!

Earlier this year, Aly Brier-Finkelstein (Class of 2015) was recognized with a Creative Empowerment Arts Grant. Aly earned the grant for her submission of a film, “A Helping Hand,” that she wrote, directed and edited. Aly’s artistic submission was in response to the following prompt:

Children and teens experience a more difficult and troubled life today than in  years gone by, as they struggle with: social pressures * drugs * sex * violence * low self-esteem * media & technology influences and pitfalls. What is your reaction to this struggle?  How can this situation be reversed?

Aly’s artistic statement accompanying her submission included the following statement:

My goal in creating A Helping Hand  was, in one continuous shot, to capture visually the myriad social challenges and negative influences bombarding teenagers daily.  From substance abuse, peer pressure, and the stress of standardized tests, to family struggles and even suicidal thoughts, my film explores the difference that just one person can make in someone’s life.  Ultimately, as the central character confronts his most vulnerable moment, only a true friend manages to help him climb his way back out of his downward spiral.

You can read more about the grant and view the film through the following link: Aly’s Creative Empowerment Grant Short Film

Last week, Creative Empowerment Founder/CEO Madonna Cole-Lacy came to Wheatley to present Aly with her $1000 scholarship check. Present at the meeting were Aly’s parents.

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