Wheatley’s 58th Commencement Celebrates the Class of 2015!

Earlier today, Wheatley’s 58th Commencement Exercises were held at the Tilles Center. Celebrating the Class of 2015, the exercises showcased the impressive talents of the students.

Student speakers at the commencement included:

  • Morgan Hanel
  • Hebah Hassan
  • Brian Gong
  • Melanie Esquilin

Student performances included:

  • “The Star Spangled Banner” (sung by Melanie Esquilin)
  • “One Moment in Time” (sung by Alexandra Boubour)
  • “For Good” by Stephen Schwartz (arranged by Juliana Luber, performed by Emma Belson, Alexandra Boubour*, Jennifer Contreras, Jennifer Dioguardi, Melanie Esquilin*, James Feimer, Sarah Golden, Jillian Gothelf*, Hebah Hassan, Sharon John, Amanda Liparoto, Juliana Luber*, Hannah Mittman, Neil Shahdadpuri, Ikra Zulfiqar *Soloists; accompanied by Rick Leidenfrost-Wilson)
  • “Pachelbel Meets Pop” (arranged and conducted by Anthony Graffigna; performed by Emily Black, oboe; Samuel Fieldman, tenor saxophone; Brian Gong, drums; Timothy Han, piano; Andrew Hastings, bass; Benjamin Lee, baritone saxophone; Gabriella Schwartz, flute; Laura Vega, violin; Seungmin Yi, violin; Kuan Yu, viola)

It was a celebratory morning, one that served as a wonderful testament to the qualities of the Class of 2015! Congratulations!

For a copy of the full program, click here: Graduation Program 2015

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