Jordan and Joy Return from @NationalHistory Day Competition!

Earlier this week, Jordan Pollack and Joy Bestourous (both members of the Class of 2016), returned from the National History Day (NHD) competition at the University of Maryland. Jordan and Joy earned the right to compete at this most prestigious level through their efforts at the Long Island Regional Competition and the New York State History Day Competition. Accompanied by Jo Beth Roberts, our librarian and NHD judge, the students spent several days competing with over 3,000 students from around the world who had advanced in their own local and state competitions.

Congratulations to Joy who was awarded 9th place nationally for her Individual Senior Paper “Hassan al-Banna – The Father of Fundamentalism.”

Congratulations as well to Jordan, who competed with her dance and multi-media performance representing Alvin Ailey’s legacy, “Alvin Ailey: The Leader Who Danced through History.”   Jordan has been invited to perform her presentation this summer for the Alvin Ailey Education Department at the Ailey Studios in New York City. (You can see video excerpts of Jordan’s performance through this link.)

The students’ success was through the support of our social studies teachers — particularly Mr. Andrew Ardito, who teaches the Social Science Research component of our AP Core program — and our librarian, Mrs. Roberts.

2015-06-19 11.46.06
Mr. Ardito, Jordan, Joy and Mrs. Roberts
2015-06-19 11.44.04
Jordan and Joy

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