Wheatley’s Spring Concert (Part 2) Delights the Audience!

Two weeks ago, our Spring Concert (Part 1) featured our Intermediate Orchestra, Intermediate Chorus, Concert Orchestra, Honors String Ensemble and Symphonic Orchestra. Tonight, we had the pleasure of hearing from our remaining performance groups: our Stage Band (in its first performance ever), our Jazz Band, or Chorale, our Intermediate/Concert Band and our Symphonic Band.

Under the guidance of our music teachers, Angela Luftig, Dr. Peggy Ho and Stan Orlovsky — as well as faculty members Steven Fitzko and Rick Leidenfrost-Wilson — our music students did a wonderful job with complex and fun musical pieces! This was a special concert for many of our students, as 26 members of the Class of 2015 performed at their final Wheatley concert. We will miss them, and we wish them the best as they grow musically beyond Wheatley! The graduating seniors performing tonight were:

  • Alexandra Blach
  • Emily Black
  • Alexandra Boubour
  • Michael Braunstein
  • Jennifer Contreras
  • Larry Corbin
  • Sam Fieldman
  • Sarah Golden
  • Jillian Gothelf
  • Anthony Graffigna
  • Robert Grieco
  • Brian Gong
  • Rohan Gulati
  • Arjun Kapoor
  • Amandeep Khokhar
  • Danielle Krueger
  • Alana Leahy
  • Ben Lee
  • Amanda Liparoto
  • Juliana Luber
  • Claudia Miller
  • Perri Schreiber
  • Courtney Schwartz
  • Gabriella Schwartz
  • Sam Tanenbaum
  • Harris Wekselblatt

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