Meet our PTO Recognition Students!

The penultimate award given during the Academic Awards Night is the PTO Student Recognition award.

The purpose of this award is to recognize two deserving seniors (one male, one female) who exhibit the qualities we value and encourage in our young people:

  • Kindness, respect, and tolerance for self, others and the environment
  • Good judgment and decision making
  • High ethical standards and character
  • Sincerity
  • Dignity
  • Courage to overcome obstacles
  • Good citizenship
  • Dependability and helpfulness

Here is what was said about this year’s recipients:

The first recipient of this year’s PTO Recognition Award has grown in so many ways since he first entered Wheatley as an 8th Grader. From a quiet, unassuming new student, he has developed into a confident leader of his peers. A young man who makes things happen, he leads through action — implicitly challenging others to join him in order to accomplish a goal. He does this through a collaborative process in which he elicits ideas and suggestions from others in order to enhance the outcome of the group’s efforts.

True to himself and well-liked by his peers, he has earned the respect of his classmates and the faculty through his thoughtful comments and insight. Within the SWS community, he has embraced the idea of Socratic seminars, participating wholeheartedly and respectfully in classroom discussions. He is a recognized leader within this important community. In sum, he is a great representation of all the good that Wheatley has to offer.

Please join me in congratulating Reid Kamhi as a recipient of the PTO Recognition Award.

This year’s second recipient of the PTO Recognition Award is an outgoing, compassionate and remarkable student who has been dedicated to her academics and to our Wheatley community since she walked through the doors as an 8th grader.

Described by her classmates as a kind hearted and loving friend who always puts the needs of others ahead of her own, she personifies leading by example. During her years at Wheatley, she has proven to be a self-motivated student who not only sets lofty goals for herself, but always seems to reach them as well! Her contributions to our school have been as impressive, as the accolades she has received for her many accomplishments. Teachers enjoy having her in their classes, as she is known to add mature and insightful content to class discussions. A talented athlete, she has shown unwavering commitment to her individual and team athletic goals over the years. She is truly a special student, and we are thankful for all she has given to our community.

It is with great pleasure that we award the PTO female award to Maura Koszalka

Maura and Reid Collage 2015-06-08 12.20.28-2 2015-06-03 14.14.39

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