Alumni Basketball Game Honors and Remembers Michelle

On Thursday evening, 4 June, students and community members came to the Wheatley gymnasium to watch a basketball game between members of the current Wheatley basketball team and Wheatley Alumni. Organized by Jessica Sakeni (Class of 2015) as part of her Senior Project, the event served to raise funds for the charity that supported Michelle Nourmand, a member of the Class of 2015 who died almost a year ago.

The basketball game featured alumni who went to school with Michelle’s older brothers, Andrew and Joseph. Alumni players included Chris Gould, Ethan Abrishimian, Nathan Abrishimian, Andrew Dickson, Zach Rogers, Alec Schure, Jason Clarke and Adil Husain.

Current Wheatley students included Matt Hogg, Donald Hazelton, Brandon Goldberg, Blake Hargrove, Hunter Pomerantz, Johnny Karikas, Kunal Kelker, Anthony Cutinella, Josh Jacobs, Michael McCleary and Sam Fieldman.

Thank you to all of the participants, especially Jessica Sakeni and Lauren Silverstein, for making this event so special!

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