Andrew Zuckerman Competes in National Mathematics Contest!

On Friday, 39 All-Star Mathletes (two teams of 15 and nine alternates) from 19 schools all over Nassau County went to Penn State University to compete in the 40th annual American Regions Math League (ARML). Andrew Zuckerman (Class of 2016) was the lone Wheatley representative this year. Andrew competed on the A team. The Nassau County A team (wth 98 points) finished in 50th place out of 86 teams nationally. The B team (with 73 points) finished in 8th out of 47 teams nationally. Wheatley has hosted the All-Star practices for the past 12 years.

ARML took place at four sites (Penn State Georgia, Iowa and UNLV) on Saturday with some nations competing in the International Regions Math League (IRML).  San Francisco Bay Area won the A division at ARML with 211 points. Macau won the IRML with 129 points.

Congratulations to Andrew for this wonderful recognition. Thanks to Kevin Meyers for his support of the team and the description of the event!

2015-05-29 09.20.18

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