Meet the Wheatley Medalists for 2015!

The final recognition given during our Academic Awards Night is The Wheatley Medal. Presented by the Wheatley Principal, the Wheatley Medal seeks to highlight a senior boy and girl who have exemplified the highest standards of scholarship, ethical conduct and service to school and community.

Here is what was said during the presentation of this year’s medalists:

The Wheatley Medals are presented to a senior girl and a senior boy who have exemplified the highest standards of scholarship, ethical conduct and service to school and community.

The first recipient of the Wheatley Medal is one of the most highly-regarded and well-respected students to come through Wheatley. With a thoughtful independence and self-confidence, he has succeeded in so many different facets of his life at Wheatley. 

In the classroom, he has thrived in some of the most demanding courses offered, impressing his teachers with his insightful questions and engaging participation. His scholarly dedication and willingness to take chances added a wonderful richness and texture to his classes. This, in turn, benefitted all students.

Outside of the classroom, he has been a leader on the athletic field, helping some of our teams achieve unprecedented success. Additionally, he has devoted countless hours to our Peer Tutoring program. His genuine concern for others, his love of learning and his reliability made him one of the most requested tutors in the program. He values education and relishes an opportunity to motivate students in need of support.

Finally, his has been consistently described by our faculty and his peers as one of the most genuine and polite young men around! This quality will certainly serve him well as he moves beyond the walls at Wheatley.

Although many of us were pleasantly surprised by his impressive performance on stage this year, few will be surprised with the announcement of Luis Costa as one of the recipients of the Wheatley Medal.

The Wheatley School has been blessed by the talent and generosity of this next recipient in so many diverse ways. Academically, she has enriched her life and those around her by always striving for perfection – no matter what the challenge. A gifted, hardworking student, her near-perfect transcript speaks to her commitment to her studies and her ability to excel across all disciplines.

A courageous member of our community, she has devoted countless hours outside of her studies to activities and services that have made Wheatley a better place for all. She has been persistent in her leadership of various committees in order to plan events, resolve issues, raise awareness or generate spirit. With a seriousness of purpose, she has used her many leadership positions to serve as the voice of her peers. Never afraid to argue a point, she does so in a respectful manner supported by a nimble mind and a firm understanding of the issues at hand.

Of course, those who know her also recognize her as someone who is about more than brilliant academic performance. She is fun, with an infectious laugh that lights up a room. She is also the consummate cheerleader of all that is good about Wheatley. Despite the challenges she has faced, she has always been there for others, willing to lend a hand, provide some support or simply listen.

Although she has received countless accolades during her years at Wheatley, none seem more appropriate than this final one tonight.

 Please join me in congratulating the next recipient of the Wheatley Medal: Bonnie Lerman.

2015-05-28 22.02.41

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