Lianna Golden Impresses All to Win the TR Speaking Contest!

On Thursday, Jakob Gilbert and Lianna Golden (both members of the Class of 2017), competed in the final round of the 20th Annual Theodore Roosevelt Public Speaking Contest. Jakob and Lianna earned the right to compete after their impressive performances at the semi-final round of the competition last week.

According to Dr. John Staudt, one of Wheatley’s History Teachers and a renowned expert on Teddy Roosevelt, both Jakob and Lianna did exceptionally well at the competition. Jakob spoke about the many personal and professional obstacles that TR overcame in his lifetime. Meanwhile, Lianna spoke about the TR’s various proposals regarding the redesign of United States coinage.

The competition was judged by an esteemed panel of judges that included a member of the Roosevelt family, Elizabeth Roosevelt. At the end of the morning, Lianna Golden stood head and shoulders above her competition, earning first place recognition! In addition to a generous check, Lianna took home a bronze bust of Teddy Roosevelt. (Wheatley was also given a bronze bust!)

Congratulations to Lianna and thank you to Dr. Staudt for his support and encouragement during the competition!

[Thanks to Jakob Gilbert and Dr. Staudt for the photos!]

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