4th Annual Science Research Symposium Showcases Student Work!

Last night, Thursday, 21 May, Wheatley’s 4th Annual Science Research Symposium was held in our lobby (for the poster sessions) and a Room 450 (for the senior research presentations). The breadth and scope of the topics covered was so impressive! It was a pleasure to interact with and hear from our students regarding their research.

A highlight of the evening was the presentation of the research of members of the Class of 2015!

We are thankful to have such wonderfully motivated students along with the faculty to support their efforts. Particular thanks to our Science Research teacher, Ms. Alexis Blondrage, for her work with these students!

Senior Research Presentations

  • Shalini Bansal: Liver Cancer Molecular Subclass as a Potential Predictive Biomarker of Drug Response
  • Alex Boubour: The Use of a Successful Cranial Hemostatic Agent on Sus scrofa domesticus Sterna
  • Zachary Chorost & Samuel Mohebban: Can a Cognitive Assessment Score Identify Causes of Delirium in Elderly Patients Postoperatively?
  • David Fisher: Using Rho Kinas Inhibitors to Treat Glaucoma
  • Hebah Hassan: The Effect of Art Therapy on the Emotional Status of Cancer Patients
  • Arjun Kapoor: The Construction of Low Entropy Quasi-Optimal Interconnection Network Topologies
  • Hannah Mittman: Improved Testing Performance of Attention Deficit Disorder Individuals through Intrusion Stimulus
  • Courtney Schwartz: Inhibition of Pseudomonas aeruginosa NAD+ -Dependent DNA Ligase
  • Seungmin Yi: Using our natural defenses to fight cancer
  • Kuan Yu: Purification, Assessment, and Structural Analysis of Anti-Oxidative Compounds from the Mushroom Hericium erinaceus that Mitigate the Neurodegenerative Effects of the Pesticide Rotenone

Independent Research

  • Vakas Akhtar, Steven John: APL-1 Regeneration in Relation to Alzheimer’s disease
  • Krista Chen: An Evaluation of 4-Methylimidazole’s role in Inflammatory/Autoimmune Diseases: Estrogen Receptor-Based Inflammation Elicited by a Commonly Ingested Compound
  • Aileen Chowdhury, Sara Zulfiquar: Anthocyanins and pH
  • Abdullah Hassan: Designing a Household Aquaponic System
  • Sahaj Gulati: Bullying: Beating Down a National Epidemic
  • Ashley Lessen: Improving the Efficacy of Solar Panels Through Tilt, Angle, Color, and Connectivity
  • Michelle Lin: The Effect of Coffee and Other Related Products on the Inhibition of Bacterial Growth
  • Gil Lotsky: Using Drosophila melanogaster Courtship Song to Attract and Trap Female D. melanogaster
  • Arihant Jain, Daniel Alfia, Josh Golbari: A Novel Approach for Creating Isobutanol Using E. coli and T. reesei
  • Jane Kim: Tracking the Neural Impulses of Lubricina Using a Spikerbox
  • Nirav Kumar: The Inhibition of Biofilm Growth Using Various Organic Substances
  • Arvin Jadanoth: The Expression of the Ist-1 Gene in C. elegans when Exposed to Artificial Sweeteners
  • Samrah Mitha: The Effects of Biotin and Vitamin C on Regeneration Rates of Lubriculus variegatus
  • Sajni Patel: To What Extent Should Celiacs be Concerned with the Amount of Arsenic Found in Rice-Based Products?
  • Haseeb Jangda, Joy Bestorous, Jessica Chu: The Effects of Grape Seed Extract on the Expression of the XPA-Gene

Introduction to Research

  • Jonathan Advocate-Ross: Cephlapod-Based Propulsion Cars
  • Sufia Ainechi: Microbial Fuel Cell to Quantify Efficiencies of Marsh, Topsoil, and Benetic Mud
  • Adeel Anwar: Asteroid Mining
  • Ananya Bansal, Megan Kirschner: Increased Mortality in Zebra Fish Exposed to Low Concentrations of Commonly Used Pesticides; Implications for Humans and their Environment
  • Abhishek Kumar: The Effects of Heat and Ninhydrin on Fingerprint Collection
  • Mitchell Lin, John Li: Effects of Various Common Substances on Sclerotenia homeocarpa
  • Jessica Poomkudy, Vani Kumar: The Environmental and Medical Effects of Meat Consumption
  • Ally Wang, Emily Wang, Saman Suleman: Constituents that Influence the Scholastic Achievements of Students after High School
  • Anne Yan, Ally Kim, Roxanne Ghadami: Raw Produce Consumption: Alternative Bacteria Removal Methods
  • Alice Ye, Rachel Fuzaylov: The Physical, Economical, and Social Effects of GMO’s

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