Jakob and Lianna Advance to the Finals of the TR Public Speaking Contest!

Earlier today, two members of the Class of 2017, Lianna Golden and Jakob Gilbert, participated in the Theodore Roosevelt Public Speaking Contest.

Theodore Roosevelt believed in working hard, in persevering in the face of defeat, and in pushing to do better and strive harder to accomplish one’s goals. He also believed in developing young people, in challenging them to achieve as much as possible, and in recognizing their accomplishments. In that spirit, the Theodore Roosevelt Association created Theodore Roosevelt Public Speaking Contests, which challenge high school students to develop and give original five-minute speeches on TR’s life and legacy. The Contests build on students’ public speaking, critical thinking and independent research skills, thereby enhancing their academic potential and scholarship, confidence, self-reliance, and leadership abilities.

Jakob and Lianna performed extremely well at this morning’s semi-finals and will now compete in the finals next week, May 28 at 10 AM at Christ Church in Oyster Bay. Both students were given tremendous praise by the judges following their speeches. Lianna’s speech focused on Theodore Roosevelt’s efforts to transform US coinage to bring about greater national spirit.  Jakob’s Speech was on how TR overcame adversity throughout his personal and political life to achieve phenomenal success.

Congratulations and good luck to both students! Thank you to Dr. John Staudt for supporting these students during this competition.

[Thank you to Dr. Staudt for the description of the event and the photos!]

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