Jeffrey Poomkudy Represents the US in Estonia!

Last month, Jeffrey Poomkudy (Class of 2016), was notified that he had been selected to be one of two students to represent the United States at the 23rd International Philosophy Olympiad. This year’s IPO is being held Tartu, Estonia between 14 – 18 May.

Jeffrey won the American Philosophy Olympiad by writing and submitting a French-language essay on the following philosophical question: Is the fundamental nature of reality in a state of flux (changeable) or is it atomistic (changeless)?

Jeffrey explained and defended his view by citing pre-Socratic philosophers, such as Heraclitus and Parmenides.

In Tartu, Jeffrey is competing against hundreds of students from all over the world by writing an essay on one of four philosophical questions, in a language other than English.

Congratulations to Jeffrey, and good luck in the competition!

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