Great @NationalHistory News From Cooperstown!

On Sunday afternoon, the Long Island regional qualifiers for the National History Day competition boarded a bus to Cooperstown to compete in the New York State Finals for the competition.

Accompanied by Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Ardito, Mrs. Ilkiw and Mr. Shanahan, the following Wheatley students boarded the bus for the competition:

Junior Individual Documentary

  • Sofia Greenfield (Berry Gordy & Motown)

Senior Historical Paper

  • Krista Chen (Henry Dunant: A Step Towards Humanitarian Society)

Senior Historical Paper

  • Joy Bestourous (Hassan al-Banna: The Father of Fundamentalism)

Senior Individual Performance

  • Jordan Pollack (Alvin Ailey: The Leader who Danced through Adversity)

Senior Group Documentary

  • Nikki Koch, Alana Osroff, Gabriella Santoli and Cindy Zhou (Charles Davenport and The History of Eugenics)

At the end of Monday’s judging, three students earned medals at the New York State competition:

  • Joy Bestourous, 1st Place
  • Jordan Pollack, 2nd Place
  • Krista Chen, 3rd Place

As a result of their top two category finish, Joy and Jordan will be heading to the National Finals in June!

Congratulations to the medalists and all of the participants! Thanks as well to the teachers who accompanied and supported the students!

(Thanks to Andrew Ardito and Mrs. Randy Horowitz for the photos!)

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