10P Experimentals Showcase Interdisciplinary Learning

On Monday, 13 April, the final of thirteen “Experimental” presentations were presented to students and community members in Room 450. An important part of our English 10P Honors course, these multi-media, integrated projects require students to tie together and connect a common theme from various sources: literature, music, history, sports, current events, art, science and mathematics. Each Experimental has a single-word theme, and students spend months working on their presentations.

Congratulations to all of our student presenters, and thank you to Ms. Bartscherer for leading them through this activity.

  • On Monday 3/23, Nidel Gidanian, Jake Gilbert, and Lianna Golden presented “Chance.”
  • On Monday 3/23, Maya Alfia and Aileen Chowdhurry presented “Variance.”
  • On Tuesday 3/24, Claire Baker and Laura D’Angel presented “Transformation.”
  • On Tuesday 3/24, Jane Kim, Sam Hurtado and Taylor Kristal presented “Imprint.”
  • On Wednesday 3/25, Antonio Deodato, Gretchen Keller and Matthew Borges presented “Preservation.”
  • On Thursday 3/26, Lauren Levine and Sara Zulfigar presented “Waves.”
  • On Thursday 3/26, Carly Brensilber and Brittany Haber presented “Dominance.”
  • On Friday 3/27,  Steve John and Sumu Pitchayan presented “Friction.”
  • On Friday 3/27, Arvin Jadonath and Jax Nussbaum presented “Time.”
  • On Monday 3/30, Diana Lee and Ashley Lessen presented “Network.”
  • On Monday 3/30, Abdullah Hassan and Jeff Wu presented “Uncharted.”
  • On Tuesday 3/31, Sidra Ahktar presented “Utopias.”
  • On Monday 4/13, Josh Druz and Angela Yang presented “Balance.”

You can see some photos of the presentations below.

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