Wheatley Wildcat Recognized as Best Newspaper!

On 25 March, members of Wheatley’s school newspaper, the Wildcat, attended the 2015 Quill Awards at Adelphi University. At this annual celebration of high school journalism, the Wildcat was recognized as the Best Newspaper!

Additionally, Josh Dinetz (Class of 2016) was awarded 2nd place in the Freelance category. Congratulations to the student editors and staff members of the Wildcat, along with the faculty advisors, Jo Beth Roberts and Jennifer Fatone.

Wheatley Wildcat Wheatley Wildcat2

Congratulations to the Editors-in-Chief: Sarah Golden and Seungmin Yi; Managing Editors: Andrew Zuckerman and Josh Dinetz; Editor-in-Chief of Social Media: Hannah Mittman; Business & Technology Editors: Andrew Jin and Harris Wekselblatt; News Editors: Krista Chen and Kuan Yu; Features Editors: Jacqueline LaGinestra and Sabrina Lee; Entertainment Editors: Dara Bahk and Erica Kim; Op-Ed Editors: Joy Bestourours and Donna Nazarian; Sports Editors: Danielle Wasserman and Brian Gong; and Photography Editor: David Rosenzweig.  Congratulations and thank you to the faculty advisors Jen Fatone and Jo Beth Roberts.

(Thanks to Susan Checkla for the photographs and staff description.)

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