World Affairs Club Participates in International Relations Conference at American University

This weekend, Wheatley’s World Affairs Club (WAC) participated in the regional Model UN Conference at American University. Accompanied by Patrick Clarke and Birthe Seferian, students departed Wheatley on Friday morning and are not scheduled to return to Wheatley until late Sunday afternoon!

During these intense days, students have actively participated in debates and discussions in an effort to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. Students learn the value of diplomacy and careful preparation when presenting their case to other “countries.” In sum, it is a terrific educational experience for students; one that helps students take their classroom learning and extend it to areas far beyond the walls of a school!

The following students attended this conference:

  • Kelsey Beresheim
  • Alec Bernstein
  • Jared Bernstein
  • Sienna Brancato
  • Luke Cuomo
  • Rohan Gulati
  • Ari Jain
  • Haseeb Jangada
  • Mohammad Khanzada
  • Nirav Kumar
  • Jeff Poomkudy
  • David Rosenzweig
  • John Scudero
  • Keval Shah
  • Chris Vasquez
  • Devin Waxman
  • Jake Williams

A big “thank you” to the two faculty members, Mr. Clarke and Mrs. Seferian, who devoted their weekend to the students! (Thanks to Mr. Clarke for the photos!)

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