#Showdown2015 Day 4 Sets Up a Day of Reckoning!

The fourth day of Showdown2015 tightened the competition between the grades, with the Juniors and Seniors continuing to battle for supremacy! Even so, the 8th, 9th and 10th grade each scored important victories during the day, making sure that they would remain forces ready to compete through the end.

The day began with WSTV Showdown Trivia and a terrific victory by our 8th graders! With a “Throw Back Thursday” dress them, students spend the day in creative dress from all different eras. While the classes worked on a bridge to be used during the Friday Night Finale, each grade manned a Charity Information Table as a way of raising awareness and funds for a charity of its choice.

An important part of the day for many students was the “Cell Phone Challenge,” whereas students turned in their phones at the beginning of the day and collected them at the end. This “Unplugged” experience lead into the final activity of the evening: the Dialogue Night #36: Wheatley Unplugged. During this session, students, parents and faculty came together to discuss the experience of unplugging and the role and impact that technology has on their lives.

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