#Showdown2015 Day 1 Starts with Lots of Activity!

On this first day of Showdown2015, the grades came out ready to win! In what is already proving to be a heated competition, the classes competed in the following categories:

  • WSTV Trivia
  • PJ Day
  • Lego building contest
  • Just Dance competition
  • Ping Pong

Additionally, students participated in our Coins v Bills competition, out Book Fairies collection and our t-shirt donation.

During the morning trivia competition, Luke Cuomo dominated the game. Only the 9th grade team managed to score any points against Luke’s impressive knowledge base and reaction time! The Just Dance competition was dominated by our 9th Graders, followed by the 11th grade, 12th grade, 10th grade and 8th grade. The high score for the competition belonged Jessie LoBochiaro (Class of 2017). The Ping Pong competition was dominated by the 12th Grade, followed by the 9th grade, 8th and 11th (tie) and then the 10th grade.

Enjoy the WSTV Trivia video, along with some photos below!

One thought on “#Showdown2015 Day 1 Starts with Lots of Activity!

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