Wheatley’s Math Counts Team

On Tuesday, 23 February, our 8th grade Math Counts team went to Hofstra University for its annual Math Counts competition.

The team, coached by Robert Gadamowitz, consists of:

  • Olalekan Oshodi
  • Manan Shukla
  • Vedant Singh
  • Kenton Wu
  • Brandon Zhu

With 18 Schools from Nassau county competing, our students held their own with some of Long Island’s best and brightest. Overall our team finished in 4th place. Two of our students had incredible individual achievements at this competition. Brandon Zhu finished first overall in the the competition and Vedant Singh finished third in the county.

In the exciting Countdown Round, where students are eliminated in spelling bee fashion, Brandon and Vendant were the last two kids left standing. As such, they faced off against each other for the Long Island title, which Vedant won in a tense competition. It was truly amazing to see two Wheatley students Mathematically dominating up on the big stage in front of hundreds of their peers from all over Long Island.

(Thanks to Mr. Gadamowitz for the write-up and the photos!)

2015-02-24 13.54.18

Brandon, Manan, Olalekan, Vedant and Kenton

2015-02-24 12.27.44

Mr. Gadamowitz poses with Vedant, Manan, Kenton, Brandon and Olalekan

MATHCOUNTS competitions are designed to be completed in approximately 3 hours. Each competition consists of 4 parts: the Sprint, Target, Team and Countdown Rounds. The Sprint Round has 30 questions, and students have 40 minutes to complete them. The Target Round consists of 8 questions, which are distributed to the students a pair at a time. Students have 6 minutes to complete each pair of problems. The Team Round has 10 problems for the team to work on together for 20 minutes. The top 25% of individuals, up to a maximum of 10, proceed to the Countdown Round, an oral round in which students compete head-to-head.  At chapter or state competitions, a Countdown Round may be conducted officially, unofficially (for fun) or omitted. The Countdown Round is an official part of the National Competition.

For more than 30 years MATHCOUNTS has provided enriching, extracurricular opportunities to students and free, high-quality resources to educators. Every child is unique, but we believe all children are capable of seeing the beauty and joy of math, whether they come to us already passionate about math, or intimidated by it.

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