Winter Sports Highlights

Last week, Wheatley celebrated its Winter Sports Season at its end-of-season assembly. Thank you to Mr. Fitzpatrick for this overview of the Winter Sports season!

The Wheatley School is proud to announce that 23 student athletes have been recognized by Section VIII-Nassau County Interscholastic Athletic Association for their exceptional performance in athletics, scholarship, and leadership qualities for the Winter season.  All Winter teams were recognized as NYS Scholar/Athlete Team Award winners.

Throughout their high school career, these athletes demonstrated outstanding athletic and scholastic ability that has earned them a well-deserved reputation as leaders among their peers.

Boys Fencing (Scholar-Athlete Team)

  • Kuan Yu, All County Foil – 1st  Team
  • Gil Lotzky, All County Honorable Mention (Sabre)

Girls Fencing (Scholar-Athlete Team)

  • Gabriella Leccese, All County Foil- 1st Team
  • Gabriella Leccese, 4th place NC Championships
  • Hebah Hassan, All County Epee- 2nd Team
  • Amanda Liparoto, All County Honorable Mention
  • Amanda Liparoto, 7th place NC Championships

Wrestling (Scholar-Athlete Team)

  • Shawn Mosca    All County NC Champion

Boys Basketball (Scholar-Athlete Team)

  • Sam Fieldman, Conference Scholar Athlete
  • Sam Fieldman, All County
  • Brandon Goldberg, All Conference
  • Donald Hazelton, All Conference

Girls Basketball (Scholar-Athlete Team)

  • Allison LaMonica, All Conference

Boys Indoor Track (Scholar-Athlete Team)

  • Nicholas Vazquez, All Conference-HurdlesChampion
  • Nicholas Vazquez, All Conference- Triple Jump 3rd
  • Alec Bernstein, All Conference- 300 meters 2nd
  • Alec Bernstein, All Conference- Long Jump 2nd
  • Luke Cuomo, All Conference- 55 meters 2nd
  • Christopher Vazquez, All Conference- 600 meters 2nd
  • Steven John, All Conference- High Jump 3rd

Girls indoor Track (Scholar-Athlete Team)

  • Sarah Golden, All County- 55m hurdles Champion
  • Sarah Golden, All Conference- 55m hurdles 1st
  • Sarah Golden, All Conference- triple jump 1st
  • Leigh Anderson, All Conference- 4 x 800m 1st
  • Katie Keller, All Conference- 4 x 800m 1st
  • Katie Keller, All Conference- High Jump 2nd
  • Brianna O’Brien, All Conference- 4 x 800m 1st
  • Brianna O’Brien, All Conference- 1500 m 2nd
  • Morgan Hanel, All Conference- 4 x 800m 1st
  • Morgan Hanel, All Conference- 600m 3rd
  • Krista Chen, All Conference- long jump 3rd
  • Samantha Palazzolo, All Conference- 55 dash 3rd

Wheatley Award Recipients – Winter 2014-2015

Varsity Boys Basketball:

  • Wildcat Award: Samuel Fieldman
  • Coach’s Award: Blake Hargrove
  • Unsung Hero: Joshua Jacobs

JV Boys Basketball:

  • Spirit Award: Joseph Dinetz
  • Spirit Award: Peter Littman
  • Spirit Award: Brian Doria

JV2 Boys Basketball:

  • Spirit Award: Christopher Santoli
  • Spirit Award: John Shen

Varsity Girls Basketball:

  • Wildcat Award: Allison LaMonica
  • Coach’s Award: Perri Schreiber
  • Unsung Hero: Lauren Hogg

JV Girls Basketball:

  • Spirit Award: Charlotte Kaminsky
  • Spirit Award: Nirel Gidanian

Varsity Boys Fencing:

  • Wildcat Award: Kuan Yu
  • Coach’s Award:  Brian Gong
  • Unsung Hero:     Peter Frey

Varsity Girls Fencing:

  • Wildcat Award: Gabriella Leccese
  • Coach’s Award: Amanda Liparoto
  • Unsung Hero: Hebah Hassan

Varsity Boys Track:

  • Wildcat Award: Nicholas Vazquez
  • Coach’s Award: Steven John
  • Unsung Hero: Vakas Akhtar

Varsity Girls Track:

  • Wildcat Award: Sarah Golden
  • Coach’s Award: Morgan Hanel
  • Unsung Hero: Brianna O’Brien

Varsity Dance:

  • Wildcat Award: Claire Baker
  • Coach’s Award: Kelli Forero
  • Unsung Hero: Danielle Wasserman

JV Dance:

  • Spirit Award: Devorah Anayati
  • Spirit Award: Kimberly Calamia

Varsity Cheerleading:

  • Wildcat Award: Juliana Luber
  • Coach’s Award:  Bonnie Lerman
  • Unsung Hero: Allison Levy

Varsity Wrestling:

  • Wildcat Award: Shawn Mosca
  • Coach’s Award: Richie Moretta
  • Unsung Hero: Caleb Giordano
  • Spirit Award: Mike Ricchione
  • Spirit Award: Devin Brancato

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