AP Core Students Present National History Day Projects!

For the past few years, Wheatley students have competed in the National History Day competition. This competition requires students to chose historical topics related to a pre-determined theme (this year’s theme is Leadership and Legacy), conducting primary and secondary research as they prepare a research paper, website, documentary film, performance or exhibit. These projects are then evaluated on a local, regional, state and national level.

Wheatley students have found terrific success over these past few years. Three years ago, a significant number of students earned recognition in our first foray into National History Day. Two years ago, a student earned top honors in New York State for his paper.  Last year, seven students were invited to compete nationally, with one of our groups earning fifth place in the National competition!

As a way of celebrating all of the work of our students do for their National History Day projects, the AP Core program initiated a Wheatley Social Science Fair. During this three-period block of time, AP Core students presented their work to their classmates and the faculty judges — all with the hope of earning a spot to represent Wheatley at the Long Island regional competition on 8 March.

Students presented their research within the following categories:

Website (Individual)

  • Jake Williams: The Grumman Corporation
  • Andrew Schloss: Robert Moses

Website (Group)

  • Lavanya Reddy, Erica Kim, Jessica Chu, Jordan Shaked: Jacob Riis
  • Farrah Siegler, Ellie Chen: Benjamin Tallmadge
  • Julian Nathan, Victoria Roldan, Christina Mille: William Levitt

Documentary (Individual)

  • John Wanamaker – individual (Shigeru Miyamoto)

Documentary (Group)

  • David Rosenzweig, Luke Cuomo, Andrew Jin, Andrew Zuckerman, Jeffery Poomkudy: Mario Cuomo
  • Cara Mattioli, Caroline Connolly, Noelle Molstad: Edgar Allen Poe
  • Cindy Zhou, Gabriela Santolli, Nikki Koch, Alana Osroff: Charles Davenport

Exhibit (Group)

  • Jared Bernstein, Alec Bernstein, Chris Vazquez – group (Gay Liberation Front)
  • Crystal Barroca, Kayla Barroca, Amanda Sivin, Marisa Rios – group (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Performance (Individual)

  • Jordan Pollack: Alvin Ailey
  • Jaclyn Stroud, Morgan Misk, Daniel Singh: Rogers and Hammerstein

Paper (Individual)

  • Joy Bestourous: Hassan Al-Banna
  • Sienna Brancato: Allen Ginsberg
  • Krista Chen: Henry Dunant

Thank you to the students for their terrific presentations, and thank you to the Mr. Andrew Ardito, Dr. John Staudt, Ms. Jo Beth Roberts and Dr. Danielle Gately for the support of these students.

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