Wheatley Success at the Yale Invitational Science Olympiads!

While many members of our school were enjoying a late morning sleep-in at the start of a long weekend, Mr. Jim Abdale and Ms. Alexis Blondrage boarded a bus with twelve Wheatley students heading to Yale University for a day of competition in the Yale Invitational Science Olympiad! Science Olympiad competitions permit students to engage their scientific and creative minds on challenges in a competitive environment. Congratulations to 11th graders Christopher Shen and Andrew Zuckerman for earning 2nd Place in the Geological Mapping competition. Congratulations as well to 9th grader Vani Kumar for earning 4th Place in the Bungee Drop competition!

Wheatley’s team consisted of the following students:

  • Robert Chang
  • Krista Chen
  • Rohan Gulati
  • Sahaj Gulati
  • Ari Jain
  • Vani Kumar
  • John Li
  • Jeffrey Poomkudy
  • Courtney Schwartz
  • Chris Shen
  • Andrew Zuckerman

(Thanks to Mr. Abdale for the photos!)

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