The Land on Which Wheatley was Built! #TBT

Faced with a growing high school population within what was then known as the Union Free School District No. 2, residents approved the purchase of a site for a new Junior-Senior High School in March 1954. The site, consisting of 60 acres of land, was the southerly part of the Bacon Estate property in Old Westbury. The cost of the land was $210,000, with an additional $15,000 needed to cover fees and costs connected with the acquisition of the land.

Included in this post is a “Sketches of New York’s Suburbs” piece on the Estate of Robert Bacon along with several photos of the land that would come to house the new Junior-Senior High School. The photos were taken at the end of May 1955 (just before construction began) and July 1955 (just after the clearing of the land began).

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