Social Studies Teachers Attend National Conference in Boston

From Thursday, November 19 to Sunday, November 22, Dr. Danielle Gately, Mrs. Birthe Sefarian, Mr. Ronald Roaldnsen and Dr. John Staudt attended the 94th annual National Council for the Social Studies Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.  The NCSS Annual Meeting is the world’s largest and most comprehensive social studies professional development conference. At the conference, Wheatley and Willets faculty members joined more than 3,000 of their peers from all over the country.

Over the stretch of three days, teachers and administrators participated in sessions and workshops to gain new ideas, resources, and skills in the teaching of social studies.  Participants shared the most current knowledge, ideas, and research, and expertise in social studies education.  The conference schedule was exhausting but the intensity of the presentations and activities was invigorating.  Being able to connect with colleagues from all over the nation and exchange new methods and best practices on such diverse topics as Common Core, AP Exam redesigns and C3 (College, Career and Civic Life) Framework for Social Studies was highly engaging and thought provoking.

The contingent from the East Williston schools was also able to connect with numerous book publishers and technology experts about dynamic electronic database and media resources. As an added bonus, faculty were able to connect with some of our Wheatley alumni who are studying in the area!

(thanks to Dr. Staudt for the conference write-up and pictures)

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