Wheatley’s Annual Science Olympiad Event Engages and Challenges Students!

On Tuesday evening, the Science Department hallways and classrooms were filled with the exciting buzz of Wheatley’s Annual Science Olympiad Night!  It was a successful night of friendly scientific competition.  Nearly one hundred students gathered to participate in events such as Anatomy and Physiology (students show off their knowledge of various human body systems), Chemistry Lab, Forensics (a “who done it” style lab), Experimental Design (this year students used everyday household objects to design a lab based on projectile motion), and Write-it Do-It (a fan favorite where one partner writes a blueprint on how to build a pre-built abstract model and the other partner must use these directions to construct the model with the raw materials).

This event helps foster the Science Olympiad program but also encourages students to participate in a competitive but fun atmosphere with their friends!

A huge “Thank You” to our Science Research teacher, Ms. Blondrage, for organizing the event. Thanks as well to the Science Department teachers who supported the students during the activities.

(Thanks to Ms. Blondrage for the write-up. Thanks to Ms. Blondrage and Mr. Casamento for the photos!)

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