Wheatley’s World Affairs Club Participates in Princeton’s Model UN Conference

Wheatley’s World Affairs Club spent four days in New Jersey participating in Princeton’s Model UN Conference. Model United Nations is a wonderful opportunity for students to simulate the debate and activities of the UN General Assembly. Accompanied by World Affairs Club advisor Patrick Clarke and our Science Research teacher Alexis Blondrage, the following students spent Thursday through Sunday participating in the conference:

  • Sienna Brancato
  • Ellie Chen
  • Luke Cuomo
  • Chintan Datt
  • Charlotte Goldbaum
  • Rohan Gulati
  • Sahaj Gulati
  • Arihant Jain
  • Haseeb Jangda
  • Andrew Jin
  • Arjun Kapoor
  • Mohammad Khanzada
  • Christina Mille
  • Jval Patel
  • John Scudero
  • Keval Shah
  • John Wanamaker
  • Jake Williams
  • Andrew Zuckerman

2014-11-20 12.24.32 2014-11-23 11.19.58

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