ICU Students Learn about Different Cultures and Religions

Wheatley’s Inter-Cultural Unity (ICU) Club brings students together in order to celebrate the differences that help to unite us. A highlight of the ICU’s work over the course of the year is the ICU Luncheon, which brings together student an cultures in a celebration of music, performance and dance.

In October, students in our ICU club participated in a Sukkot celebration. Rabbi Yakov Wilensky from Chabad of Roslyn visited our school and taught our students about the significance of  the Holiday rituals.  Our students helped the rabbi erect a portable sukkah and shook the lulav and etrog, which symbolizes unity.  The meeting was attended by 40 students, many of whom took selfies inside the sukkah.

Thank you to Mr. Fitzko and Mrs. Leibert for co-advising this important club!

(Thanks to Mr. Fitzko for the pictures and some of the event description!)

2014-10-23 15.11.47 2014-10-23 14.51.51 2014-10-23 14.48.00 2014-10-23 15.10.38

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