Students Volunteer at the Sands Point Preserve for the #DayofService!

The Sands Point Preserve is a Long Island Gold Coast treasure that evokes the days of The Great Gatsby. The preserve includes the Hempstead House and “Falaise,” the Guggenheim mansion, the 216-acre preserve is a mixture of natural and landscaped areas. It includes nature trails, forests, meadows, beaches and cliffs. It is a spectacular location!

After being taught a bit about the history of the Sands Point Preserve, students spent the day planting bulbs all around to ensure beautiful blooming flowers in the spring. They also also helped the Friends of Sands Point prepare for the various Halloween activities: they decorated the spooky walk they had been preparing for the town’s families and organized the crafts they were planning on using for their different workshops. Led by Jo Beth Roberts and Birthe Seferian, the students had a wonderful time!

(Thanks to Ashley Saparzadeh for the photos and some of the description!)

Sands Point photo 1 Sands Point photo 3 Sands Point photo 2 IMG_7388

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