Students Volunteer at the Garden City Bird Sanctuary during our #DayofService

The students who participated in service activities at the Garden City Bird Sanctuary during Wheatley’s 6th Annual Day of Service and Learning were very busy.  Under the leadership of Traci Maier and Christine Perinelli,  students removed weeds and spent annuals from one section so that future volunteers could plant shrubs and trees in honor of a loved one.  Another group of students removed brush from an area that would become a path to the sump.  The students also picked up trash that flowed into the sump.

Another large group of students moved yards of mulch from a central pile to the paths near a new tool shed.  They also placed mulch around the shed to keep the pathways from getting too muddy and planted bulbs in some of the raised beds and under some of the ornamental trees. Finally, students helped to re-fill the numerous bird feeders on the property.

(Thanks to Ms. Maier for the photo and activity description!)


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