Students Remember Michelle Nourmand on the #DayofService

Michelle Nourmand remains close to the hearts of so many Wheatley students. As part of the Day of Service and Learning, students worked on two projects to keep Michelle’s memory alive and well:

  1. With the assistance of Zaino’s Nursery and Garden Center, students (under the guidance of Lauren Silverstein and Gail Leibert) began work on a Michelle Nourmand Memorial Garden. With exceptional generosity, Zaino’s Nursery donated the supplies necessary to convert an overrun bed into a beautiful memorial garden. Although there is still work to be done, the garden is well on its way to completion.
  2. With some amazing preparation work by Alex Blach (Class of 2015), students decorated some slip covers to be used for the chairs during the basketball games. Michelle was an avid player and a terrific teammate, so the basketball players (along with coach Ashley Rogala) thought that this would be a perfect way to commemorate Michelle during the upcoming season.

(Thanks to Lauren Silverstein for many of the photos!)

One thought on “Students Remember Michelle Nourmand on the #DayofService

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