Research Rendezvous Helps Prepare Students for National History Day Research!

The second of two Research Rendezvous sessions was held today during periods 7 through 9 in the library. The inaugural Research Rendezvous was held last year as a way of assisting our 8th and 11th grade students in their research projects for the regional National History Day competition. The event was so successful that the teachers and librarians decided to expand it to more students and split it into two different sessions.

The first Research Rendezvous of the year was intended for students in grades 7 and 8. With lots of pizza and support from faculty members Michael Haig, Matthew Haig, Jo Beth Roberts, Gena Topping, Diane Ilkiw (from Willets Road!) and Danielle Gately, students enjoyed pizza, some sweets and lots of support as they improved their research skills and fine-tuned their topics.

The second Research Rendezvous included virtually every eleventh graders at Wheatley. Working together and with the support of John Staudt, Andrew Ardito, Michael Haig, Jo Beth Roberts, Gena Topping, Diane Ilkiw, Karen Bartscherer and Danielle Gately, students spent three productive periods enhancing their topics and advancing their research.

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