Three Wheatley Students Named Siemens Semifinalists!

On Thursday October 16th, three Wheatley students were named semifinalists for the 2014 Siemens Competition.  These nationally-recognized Wheatley science research students were: Krista Chen (Class of 2016), Arjun Kapoor (Class of 2015) and Kuan Yu (Class of 2015).

Krista worked with two students from Herricks High School and Manhasset High School on a project titled ”An Evaluation of 4-Methylimidazole’s role in Inflammatory/Autoimmune Diseases: Estrogen Receptor-Based Inflammation Elicited by a Commonly Ingested Compound.” Krista’s team was under the direction of Dr. Wei Zhu of Adelphi University.

Arjun’s project, “The Construction of Low Entropy Quasi-Optimal Interconnection Network Topologies,” was completed at Stony Brook University under the supervision of Dr. Yuefan Deng. Arjun teamed with a student from New Haven, Connecticut.

Kuan conducted his work at the Neuroscience Research Institute, also with Dr. Zhu, on the “Purification, Assessment, and Structural Analysis of Anti-Oxidative Compounds from the Mushroom Hericium erinaceus that Mitigate Rotenone Induced Parkinson’s Disease.”

Congratulations to Krista, Arjun, and Kuan on this incredible achievement! Thanks as well to their Science Research Coordinator, Ms. Blondrage, and all of the Wheatley science teachers who helped to support them in their work.

(Thanks to Ms. Blondrage for the write-up and Mrs. Checkla for the pictures!)
SiemensSemis SiemensSemis+1

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