Planning Meetings for the 6th Annual Day of Service and Learning!

Wheatley students have a long history of community service and charitable engagement. Our annual Walk-A-Thon raises substantial monies for local charities, we have been recognized by the Interfaith Nutritional Network (INN) for our outstanding contributions, we hold an annual carnival for students at the Children’s Learning Center at United Cerebral Palsy, and we have collected and shipped well over 2,200 bicycles to villages in Africa.

Our Day of Service and Learning is an outgrowth of several years of discussion among faculty members who were looking to expand the opportunities for students to engage in a service activity. On the Day of Service and Learning, faculty and students work side-by-side in a variety of service activities. Some of the activities we have done include: restoration of the Hempstead Plains, volunteer work at food pantries, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, work with Habitat for Humanity, care packages for soldiers and pillow case decoration for the children’s cancer wing.

By dedicating a day to service activities, The Wheatley School is communicating its commitment to serving others and making the necessary time to do so.

We are preparing for our 6th Annual Day of Service and Learning on 22 October 2014. As part of this preparation, we held planning group meetings last week in order to make sure students understood the nature of the assignment for which they registered and could begin the organization necessary to ensure success. Some of the activities that are part of this year’s Day of Service and Learning include:

  • Birthday Wishes
  • Blue Skies for White Oaks
  • Children’s Learning Center (CLC)
  • Christopher Morley Park Cleanup
  • Concert at Glen Cove Nursing Home
  • East Williston Library/Beautification Committee
  • East Williston Pumpkin Patch
  • Family Service League Preschool
  • Garden City Bird Sanctuary
  • Hempstead Plains Restoration & Seed Collection
  • Horseability
  • The INN
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • League of Animal Protection
  • Lutheran Church Food Pantry
  • Million Pillowcase Challenge
  • Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism
  • North Shore Animal League
  • PB&J Sandwiches for the INN
  • Prairie Restoration
  • Project Sunshine
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Sands Point Preserve
  • Sweet Dreams
  • UJA/FEGS – Holiday Baskets
  • Veteran’s Memorial Maintenance
  • Video Documentarians
  • We the People United Corp
  • Wheatley Farm

Doreen DeAngelo and Kelly McCotter are the faculty coordinators of this wonderful day.

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