#DigitalCitizenship Day at Wheatley!

Tuesday, 7 October was Digital Citizenship Day in East Williston! Throughout the district on this day, students learned about important aspects of being a responsible digital citizen in this day and age. At Wheatley, we covered the following topics:

  • Grade 8: Introduction to our Google School tools; discussion of sexting
  • Grade 9: Academic Honesty in the Digital Age
  • Grade 10: Texting while Driving
  • Grade 11: The Internet and College Correspondence
  • Grade 12: The Power of Positive Social Media

I had the pleasure of presenting to the Grade 9 students. Working with our wonderful librarian, Jo Beth Roberts, we discussed some of the findings from our Student Honesty Committee Report of two years ago. Additionally, we used the Turning technology system to do real-time polling of the students in order to get their views on academic honesty.

2014-10-07 08.48.52 2014-10-07 09.28.47 2014-10-07 12.29.35 2014-10-07 13.33.51

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