AP Environmental Studies Program Explores Long Island’s Environmental Hot Spots!

Wheatley’s AP Environmental Science classes recently explored some environmental hot spots right here in Nassau County! Accompanied by Mr. Finkelstein and Mr. Abdale, students first visited the Town of Hempstead renewable energy park located at the Department of Conservation & Waterways in Point Lookout.
While touring the facility, students learned about compressed natural gas vehicles, wind power, passive & active solar power, and Long Island’s first hydrogen fuel station! The group then traveled across the street to the beach where they observed a flock of migrating Black Skimmer birds and used a seine net to catch and observe some local marine animals. The trip ended with a visit to the Hempstead Plains at Nassau Community College. The Hempstead Plains are the last remnant of Long Island’s native (and critically endangered) prairie grassland. It is one of the most rapidly vanishing ecosystems on the planet! Here, students met a member of the Friends of the Hempstead Plains organization and discussed Long Island natural history & ecology.  ​
(Thanks to Mr. Abdale for the description of the trip and the pictures!)
2014-09-24 19.06.51 2014-09-24 19.06.46 2014-09-24 19.06.42 2014-09-24 19.06.36 2014-09-24 19.06.29 2014-09-24 19.06.23 2014-09-24 19.06.16 2014-09-24 19.06.08 2014-09-24 19.05.52 2014-09-24 19.05.34 2014-09-24 18.49.41 2014-09-24 18.49.19 2014-09-24 18.47.37 2014-09-24 18.46.39

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