Meet the Teacher Night Welcomes Parents to Wheatley

Wheatley’s Meet the Teacher night was held on Wednesday evening, welcoming hundreds and hundreds of parents to an evening of information and entertainment. As parents followed their child’s 9-period schedule, they had the opportunity to meet our faculty, socialize and be entertained by some of Wheatley’s many student musicians. Student guides were scattered about the building to make sure that parents would not get lost on their way to class. Thanks to the Wheatley PTO, terrific refreshments were provided. With the help of our teachers, students, parents and custodians, a terrific evening was had by all!

You can view my welcoming presentation here (updated on 19 Sept 14): Parent Open House Sept14

You can get a copy of “A Parent’s Quick Reference Guide to Wheatley” here: Parent Communication Brochure Sept14

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