Wheatley Remembers 9/11 and Kicks off the #DayofService

On the 13th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11, our school came together to listen to a brief statement about the attacks and to remember all those who lost their lives as a result of the attacks. Our students listened attentively and with the utmost respect.

Following the remembrance of 9/11, we kicked off our 6th Annual Day of Service and Learning. On this day, students and faculty will join efforts throughout Long Island and commit various acts of service. These activities have included working in homeless shelters, cleaning up local parks, entertaining at nursing homes, preparing packages for our troops abroad and working in animal shelters. The day exposes students to new activities, it promotes the ideal of service to one’s community, and it gives students an opportunity to see each other (and their teachers) in a different light. This year’s Day of Service and Learning takes place on Wednesday, 22 October.

After the all-school assembly, students broke up into grades to discuss plans for the year.

2014-09-11 08.56.08 2014-09-11 08.51.11 2014-09-11 08.57.27 2014-09-11 08.58.16 2014-09-11 08.58.32 2014-09-11 08.59.28 2014-09-11 09.01.02 2014-09-11 09.01.33 2014-09-11 09.08.40 2014-09-11 09.08.43 2014-09-11 09.08.47 2014-09-11 09.05.06 2014-09-11 09.04.59 2014-09-11 09.06.38 2014-09-11 09.10.33 2014-09-11 09.10.36

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