Opening Week in AP Core!

Wheatley’s Advanced Placement American Studies Program (AP Core) consists of three components: AP United States History, AP English Language and Social Science Research. The program meets for three forty-minute periods each day, and students are required to take the AP US History and AP English Language examinations in May. The Social Science Research component of the program helps to enrich the curriculum through a study of the humanities while honing students’ research skills through participation in the National History Day competition.

This year, fully two-thirds of our AP Core team is brand new! Returning as our veteran AP Core teacher is Dr. John Staudt, who teaches the US History component of the program. Mr. Colin McKenna joins AP Core as the English Language teacher, and Wheatley newcomer Mr. Andrew Ardito joins the program as the social science research teacher. 

In the opening days of the new school year, students in AP Core have been engaged in a variety of activities that caused them to examine point of view and draw conclusions from a variety of sources. Following a reading assignment that included a close reading of the controversial historian Howard Zinn, students debated whether or not there should be  national holiday honoring Christopher Columbus. In the end, the suggestion was to change the holiday to Explorer’s Day, with all explorers being honored for their achievements while also increasing public awareness of the costs associated with the exploration of the New World.

(Thank you to Dr. Staudt for the photo!)

2014-09-10 12.11.25


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