New Mural in Room 450!

Over the past several years, our AP Photo students have completed large murals for the school during the weeks that followed their AP examination. Funded in part with the support of Wheatley PTO Mini-grants, these murals have added color and vibrancy to our hallways. The two recent murals can be viewed here and here. This year, our AP Photo students worked long and hard to create a mural worthy of the long stretch of wall in Room 450, a common place for community meetings.

A huge “thank you” to Ms. Donovan’s AP art students: Alexa Copperstone, Jeanette Giacinto, Emily Giunta, Michael Lituchy, Samantha Siegler and Zachary Wolff. A special mention must go to Michael and Samantha, who spent many hours after graduation and into the month of July finalizing the mural!

2014-09-03 11.34.16 2014-09-03 11.34.19

This video doesn’t exist
2014-09-03 11.33.36 2014-09-03 11.33.40 2014-09-03 11.33.45 2014-09-03 11.33.49 2014-09-03 11.33.53 2014-09-03 11.33.59 2014-09-03 11.34.03


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