Wheatley Welcomes the Class of 2019!

On Tuesday, 26 August, we welcomed members of the Class of 2019 (and their parents) for our 8th Grade Orientation. Students were given a copy of their schedules and a special edition of our student newspaper (The Wildcat). With the wonderful assistance of our Wheatley Welcomers, students learned about many of our offerings and were led on a tour of our building. They then had the opportunity to follow their schedule through nine periods, meeting many of their teachers.

The topics discussed during each period include:

  • Use of Agenda Books / Understanding the Schedule
  • Academic Honesty
  • Attendance and Unassigned Time
  • Special Programs, Clubs and Activities
  • Lunch Meeting with Dr. Feeney
  • Sports and Theatre Productions
  • Guidance / Psychologist / Nurse
  • Study Skills Presentation by Mr. Wasserman
  • Locker Assignments and Lock Distribution

The day ended with a pizza lunch for all students!

(Thanks to Lauren Silverstein for many of these photos!)

2014-08-26 08.29.48 2014-08-26 09.08.23 2014-08-26 10.19.37-2 2014-08-26 10.26.03 2014-08-26 10.26.12 2014-08-26 10.27.16 2014-08-26 10.27.22 2014-08-26 10.38.03-2 2014-08-26 10.46.23 2014-08-26 10.48.39

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