Business Class at Citi Field!

At the end of May, Kristin Adamski, our Business Teacher this past year, gave a group of her students a hands-on experience in the world of sports marketing through a trip to Citi Field, the home of the New York Mets!

As written by Ms. Adamski:
With time to kill before the first pitch, I broke the students into small groups and sent them on a ‘scavenger hunt.’ They were instructed to interview one employee from each of the following departments: ticket sales, concessions, promotions, security, and grounds/maintenance crew. The students were to find out the following information from each of the staff members: name, title, did you start at this position or have your been promoted, does the job allow for growth and promotions, how long have you worked for the Mets, describe your job responsibilities, how long before the game do you arrive, how long after the game do you stay, and what is your favorite and least favorite thing about your job; and with 5 bonus points on their final exam on the line, they were off!
The students found a lot of great information, spoke to some really helpful and knowledgeable employees, and learned a valuable lesson about business; when things don’t go according to plan, you must always be able to think on your feet.
Since it was “Dinosaur Education Day,” we saw dinosaurs on the field and learned some fun facts about them. For example, did you know that the word dinosaur comes from the Greek language meaning “terrible lizard”? There were a lot of school field trips there besides us and gave us all fun facts about Citi Field.
I think what the students and I found most interesting was what actually goes on in those press boxes up behind home plate. Citi Field calls this area “Press Row.” In this area a variety of things are going on before, during and after the game: team employees and the media are set up here to report about the event. Team employees will report on line-ups, injured players, and anything having to do with the team directly. The media, such as radio and television broadcasters, newspaper writers and other visitors will sit in this ‘row’ and write or report about the game as it unfolds. They consider this row a working area, so no cheering or yelling is allowed as well as showing any favoritism for one team or another. Violators of “Press Row” rules are asked to leave. Sometimes even an injured player will watch the game from here as well.
Perhaps the best highlights of the day were some of the students experiencing the infamous Shake Shack for the first time, Ryan Levy dunking a Pittsburgh Pirate fan in the dunk tank and Luke Cuomo catching a ball from Pittsburgh Pirate Andrew McCutchen.

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